Thursday, February 18, 2010

Personal 911

In a conversation today the idea came up that someone could act as an oxygen mask for your soul. I immediately fell in love with that idea. I like the image of being an oxygen mask for someone. I like that a person would have someone in his life who could fulfill that vital role. I like it a lot better than the saying that someone "is a breath of fresh air" because that seems so fleeting and unable to be contained or sustained.

This idea make me think though. Maybe we keep a whole batillion of medical machines in the friends we surround ourselves with. Our own personal ER of sorts....

You have your Oxygen Mask Friend who fills your lungs with breath and relieves the suffocating that can happen just by living a daily life.

There are IV Friends. These friends provide steady nutrition and flow thorough your veins and feed your cells and your soul. They are always there, attached to you and part of you. These are the friends you learn to dance with and move with and work around and live in union with every day.

 Everyone has a Defibrillator Friend. The friend who shocks you back to life. They jump-start your heart with the things that they say and do. They momentarily take your breath away and jolt you back into being. They are perfect for pulling you out of the fog and snapping your eyes open wide again.

And unfortunately, everyone has an Enema Friend, the worst kind of friend (well, at least they are my most hated kind). She is the friend that crawls up into your personal spaces and really only makes you feel better once you expell her from your life.

Wouldn't it be super cool if you could find all of these Friends wrapped up in one person? (Well, not Enema. We can totally go AMA with the Enema thing.)


  1. Does your nose light up when your friends let you down (a la the game "Operation")?

  2. I have a catheter "friend" that annoys the piss out of me.

    B. Jenkins

  3. I am searching for a friend capable being my Psych Consult. Any suggestions...???