Saturday, February 20, 2010

Blow Out the Candles and Make a Wish

I am 35 today. I have been toying with the idea all day about posting something because, really, its not that big of a deal. But now I am laying around in my way-too-big-for-me jammie pants and 18-year-old BGSU sweatshirt (though I use the term "sweatshirt" loosely, as all of the fuzzy material that would make this garment classify as a sweatshirt is long gone) and have decided that I should commemorate this day in some way. So here's what I'm thinking:

I am seriously considering forcing the issue of a mid-life crisis. I don't feel all crisis-y, but there could be some Fun in this. I wonder what women do for a mid-life crisis. Maybe get myself a bunch of Botox? Start dressing like a slut? Find myself a young Italian Boy Toy (preferably one who doesn't speak much English- though this is not a hard and fast requirement)? Or maybe I could borrow from the men and get some hairplugs and buy myself a fancy red sports car (hmmm.... Italian?). I don't know. Something to think about....

OR... (and this might be an even better idea!)

A party! But not a boring adult birthday party with cocktails and stuffy conversation and demure appetizers and a cake decorated with those big frosting roses. I want a Birthday Party! I want pizza and chips and ice cream. I want a huge gooey lopsided homemade chocolate cake with my name on it in shaky letters done with that disgusting gel icing stuff. I want balloons and streamers and birthday hats and those little goodie bags filled with cheap plastic cars and candy. I want to eat my cake from a Little Mermaid plate and blow out candles shaped like a "3" and a "5".

This is my 35th year and it deserves a Celebration!

You're all invited! Be watching- I sent out Princess invitations to everyone!


  1. Can I get into a fight with one of your friends and have my mom come pick me early? Sigh, and then call you tomorrow to apologize for wrecking your party....?



  2. You can! But only if I get invited to your party, where I will eat too much and throw up on your cake. That's right. I'll sacrifice the cake for revenge.