Friday, February 19, 2010

This Is Normal Around Here

I live with a four-year-old. (Well, actually, I live with three Monkeys who are 7, 5, and 4) And yes, I mean that I live with them, not the other way around. Because let's face it- I am not in charge here. I am lucky they let me have a place to sleep and a few morsels of food from time to time.

I am standing in the kitchen this morning sipping (okay- chugging, but that is so much less ladylike) my forty-second cup of coffee and watching the intent work of the four-year-old. He has interrupted my contemplations about getting adult braces...

....I missed out on braces as a pre-teen. All of my friends had them. I soooo wanted to live in the glory of fluorescent rubber bands adorning my teeth and restrictions on eating such things as popcorn and fruit roll ups. I begged for braces, but sadly, was left behind at the retainer and headgear stage.....

But I digress...So, the littlest Monkey has interrupted my dreams of orthodontia to ask for a magnet that is just out of his reach on the fridge. He is standing in front of me holding a piece of bread in one hand and innocently pointing at the strongest magnet gracing our fridge. I must admit- I am curious. I must see what his little offbeat brain has dreamed up. I hand him the magnet and lean back against the counter to continue my chugging and watch. He sits on the floor and very deliberately rips the crust from his slice of bread. And then, in one swift movement, he slams the denuded bread to the front of the fridge and captures it with the magnet. And there it hangs like a bizarre little piece of edible artwork while he laughs hysterically.


I don't stand a chance in this house.

I wonder if I should go with Invisalign........


  1. Mmm....magnet bread.

  2. Tomorrow I am hoping for a little magnet cheese. Maybe some magnet turkey. Make myself a little magnet snack.

  3. get stuck in my fantasy braces....