Tuesday, March 16, 2010

When The Mood Strikes

I am in a cleaning frenzy. The truth is that these moods don't come along very often and I need to take full advantage of them when they appear. My house is a fantastic mess. I lose interest in projects long before they are completed- even "projects" as simple as scrubbing the bathtub. Dishes stay in the sink, mostly because I loathe unloading the diswasher (loading- fine, unloading- not so much) and my family will forage through baskets of clean laundry for days before I get the urge to fold anything.

So today I find myself in posession of the rare desire to scrub somethinbg until it sparkles. I know! The stove! I will need a sponge. And a cleaning agent of some kind. And to disassemble the burners. This is going to be a tough job, but I am ready! I should really finish thinking this through before I begin- to ensure that maybe I will actually finish. What else could I need? And then I remember that an old toothbrush could be an effective scrubbing tool. Perfect! I will go and search for one!

Alas, my house seems to be old-toothbrush-free. Which brings me to this moment in time- standing in my bathroom staring at my pink Oral-B and wondering:

      Just how much Comet would be "unsafe" to brush my teeth with this evening?


  1. I'm pretty sure Comet is the secret ingredient in those "whitening" toothpastes. On the plus side, you will have a nice bright smile for your funeral.


  2. That will make the instructions I gave to the mortician to "give me a smiley face" soooo much more pleasant to comply with.

  3. making me laugh!!!