Tuesday, March 23, 2010

One of those days

It is one of those days. The gray (is that word supposed to be g-r-e-y or g-r-a-y?) and rainy kind. The kind of day where you wake up and put your hair in a ponytail only to fight the urge to cut it off with the biggest scissors you can find. I feel old and tired. My gray (grey) hairs are showing. The laundry is overtaking the upstairs hallway, having long ago conquered the hamper. I caught the dishes in the kitchen sink looking for a nice piece of vacation property in the bathtub. The children are behaving like procreations of Satan. Sigh. Its time to change my attitude....

I will be a Fun Mom! We will do a craft. I have visions of little hands busy cutting and gluing construction paper into charming creations with elaborate stories behind them. Ten minutes and a wad of glue in my hair later, the vision fades.

I will be Productive! I will do some of the laundry spilling from the hamper. I daydream of machines quietly humming and stacks of neatly folded shirts in a rainbow array across my bed. Ten minutes and a dryer hose that has popped off the back of the machine (which I do not know how to fix) later, the daydream ends.

I will be Social! I will call some friends and chat. In my mind I am sitting quietly at the kitchen table sipping a cup of coffee and laughing with some unamed person on the phone. Maybe there is a scone involved. Ten minutes and the realization that all of my friends have day jobs (and that I do not like scones) later, the picture in my mind disappears.

I will be Cute! I will find a favorite sweater that makes me feel amazing and makes me look skinny......awww screw it....

Its a granny panties day.


  1. I've had those days and you've perfectly captured all the attempts to salvage them -- fun mom! productive housekeeper! good friend!

    Thank you for the smile this post brought and for the fact that it reminded me that three baskets of non-folded laundry are in the back of my car, where I put them because I didn't know where else to put them while we were showing our house earlier this evening!

  2. Oh my god. That is soooo awesome. I am now actually right this very instant wondering just how much laundry will fit in the minivan...

    How is the house-selling going? I would totally buy it. If I lived in Chicago (which I would looove). Helpful, right?