Thursday, April 22, 2010

Vacation to an exotic location

Hey! Guess what!! I am getting to visit another blog and post a little sumpin' sumpin' there! Today I am over at Not To Brag, an incredible blog by my friend MEP. Megan and I grew up together and spent our days in the same Catholic schools from second through twelfth grades. Same art classes in gradeschool shown on PBS and same Homecomings and Proms. Same lovely uniforms and Science Fairs. I have recently reconnected with her through Facebook, that wonderful of all wonderful "Hey how ya doin'" spots. She is a mother with two boys and a brand-new baby girl and a wonderful voice in the dark. Her blog is funny and honest and just plain entertainment in a world of "should have's" and "ought to's". And she has been a wonderful source of support and information as I have begun my journey sharing my words with the world. Go check out my little addition to her world and while you are there stick around and read a while. I guarantee you won't be disappointed.

Be back soon!


  1. Thanks for all the kind words. Now I'm feeling pretty good about myself, NTB. The science fairs had slipped my mind somehow . . . now I'm remembering how freaky intense the science fair preparation was.

    I'm far from a blogging expert, but you know I'm happy to attempt to answer any question that arises. Thanks again for guest posting!

  2. My first time visiting! Hi! I've just come over from NTB.

  3. MEP- Science Fair was a horrible abomination of the educational system. Wait....I got to go to State in eighth grade, NTB...(it still was an abomination, my project included). I remember vaguely throwing together something about blue bread in seventh grade where the main focus seemed to be making Wonder Bread the exact color of Tidy Bowl blue...

  4. Kelly- Thanks for coming over! Stay and look around a while, comment, laugh (hopefully). Come back soon, I would love to get to know you!